It is that time of the year again where the sports complex is a whirlwind of activity. People are bustling and speaking over one another and booking a court is almost impossible. But it’s all in good sport, as we await the most exciting and competitive event of the year – Nations Cup 2016!

Nations Cup

For the sixth year running, it is looking to be bigger and better than ever. SA Sports officer Andy Tan in collaboration with the Sports Network have strived to build upon the success of previous years, and boost this event to make it unlike any Nations Cup that we’ve seen before.

Have you seen posters everywhere, watched people rushing in and out of practice, wondering what this buzz is all about? Well you have come to the right place! Nation’s Cup can be best described as the Mini-Olympics of UNMC. A 10-day event that promotes inter-nation competition and sportsmanship, with medals to be won for individuals and teams in a wide variety of sports.

Whether you are taking part or just spectating, it is bound to be a good time. It is the perfect opportunity to meet some friends from your own nation as you cheer your country on with shared patriotic enthusiasm. You can learn about all the different nations that we have on campus and appreciate how diverse UNMC is. The nations cup unites people who may have never spoken before but have all come together for the shared appreciation and love for sports. Expect an enthusiastic environment bursting with energy and be sure to keep track of the medals. Your nation might just win this year!

So what’s new? Well this year there will be even more sports including Archery, Billiards and Floorball (a type of floor hockey). This year, the Sports network have incorporated a Lucky Draw in the Nations Cup. Each athlete will be automatically entered in the draw to win some cool prizes. The purpose of the draw is to reward athletes and encourage a more fun and inclusive environment. In addition to this, there are a lot more new sponsors such as Sports Direct with vouchers to reward athletes for their participation. On top of supporting your nation, having fun and making friends, these perks also make the Nation Cup much better!

UNMC Nations Cup 16 #001

According to Andy, any good sportsman should have a good, positive attitude and behave well both on and off the field. He also advised that all athletes train hard and be committed. No matter what the outcome of scores, just have fun! He encourages everyone to enjoy themselves and any conflict during a sports match should be kept on the court and not carried on after the match is over. Shake hands and let it go guys!

Feel the temperature rising? Blood pumping through your veins? Be sure to find out when your friends are competing in a sport so you can show your support!

Here’s to our very own Mini-Olympics! The Nations Cup 2016 kicks off on 31st October with an Opening Ceremony you don’t want to miss!



By Iqraa Ali
SA Marketing and Communication Team