Sports is a metaphor of overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds, Bill Bradley once quoted. Sports just brings everyone together, regardless of age, race, colour and nation. We unite by putting our differences apart. UON Malaysia’s Nations Cup is no stranger in bringing the whole student body together for three exhilarating weeks of sports and games. For the fifth year now, Nations Cup has proven nothing but a success in uniting all the students under one event.


On the 22 October the Nations Cup opening ceremony was held at the UON’s very own sports complex. The sky lit by the beautiful sunset truly lifted the mood and hype felt by the fellow students that attended the event. Taking a break from chasing deadlines and strenuous assignments, these students came down to lend their voice to support their friends and fellow participants.

The event kicked off with the performance from the Chinese Cultural Society, the showcase of the Chinese drums really impressed the spectators. So much effort and dedication has been put into it that almost no flaws can be seen. These performers have never failed to amaze their audiences with their perfect coordination and creativity.

Martials Arts.  Some familiar names buzzing through your brains. Bruce Lee or our very own Ann Osman? Look away, its UON Malaysia’s very own martial art exponents. Where self-defence now has become an essential in our daily lives, whether saving ourselves or lending help to others, it truly is important. By watching this mind-blowing act that was presented, it surely had served as an inspiration to many students to learn it. Martial arts do not only serve as a self defence mechanism, but it is also a great source of workout.

No one ever says no to dance. The dance performance by the talented students of UON Malaysia was truly a treat for the eye. Their suave and polished dance moves truly was mesmerizing. This definitely is not achievable through an hour or two of practice. Their song selection truly got spectators tapping their feet to the beat. Apart from that, the ambassadors from the participating countries came together for a dance and waved their flags with full of pride at the at end of it.

Last but not the least, the Nations walk was certainly the main eye-catching show of the event. As every ambassador walk holding their country’s flag with full of pride, the participants of that respective country stride behind them.

The Nations cup opening ceremony is a must-see event for every student in UON Malaysia. The Nations Cup is one the biggest and longest event hosted by the students of UON Malaysia. It takes a lot of effort and determination to put together such an event. Do visit our Facebook page and Instagram to get more insightful pictures.  Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. – Michael Jordan.