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Pray For Sri Lanka

Where the world was still recuperating with the fire that broke out at the Notre Dame Cathedral, we were once again shocked with the massive bombings that occurred in major parts of Sri Lanka. Serial bombings which occurred during Easter Sunday services at churches, whisked away precious lives. Children, women and men were not spared in this atrocity that not only shook Sri Lanka but the entire world.


Landing your first job after graduating from university is a monumental event in life. While it does relieve a huge weight off of your shoulders, it’s important to get off on the right foot and begin your career making well-planned financial decisions. Here are some tips to give you an idea of where to get started on financial planning.


Graduating from university can be a unique experience for many: it’s one of the biggest days of your lives and also the end of a chapter. You may feel excitement from starting a new chapter in your life, burning with curiosity and eager to navigate the real world. Conversely, you may also feel anxious and uncertain on where to start or what’s lying ahead of you. But whatever you feel, one thing is for certain: you need to take the first step and start seeking for an income source.

Post-Graduation or Joining Workforce?

For those of us in our final year, we may be approaching a turning point in our lives where we need to start planning on the next chapter that follows our graduation. Adjusting to life after three or four years of university can be rather difficult especially if you have not planned anything in advance. The most challenging decision that we would be faced with is whether to pursue post graduation or join the workforce.

EXTINCT- 24 Festive Drums Concert

The murmur among the audience rose as the first performance begun.

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