As university draws to an end and graduation is up and coming, going into the real world can be extremely stressful if you don’t exactly know what you want to do. Finding out which career path is meant for you is not an easy task. It involves self-awareness, how the working world functions, and how to narrow down all the options available to the ones that are most suitable for you.

After conscientiously analyzing all the articles online, the most common advice most Career Counselors give is to take it step by step. What that means is, it is impossible to know exactly what you want to do overnight. Instead, you need to plan carefully and research thoroughly on the direction of the field you are interested in.

It all starts with a thorough self-assessment. There are plenty of personality reflections available online for free -such as the Holland Reasic reflection- that can help you understand and set your priorities, such as if you are a family oriented or a work oriented individual. You can also try out peer-assessment surveys, professional testing or counselling as all of these will aid you in being able to identify your interests, skills and values.

The next step is the most tedious and time consuming one- research. You need to research and investigate job titles related to your filed of interest and their respective pros and cons. Gathering information such as entrance qualifications, training options, salary, duties and advancement opportunities can really help narrow down your options. Attend career talks, visit the workplace you are intersexed in and ask around. Gather as much intel as your can because the next step is making a career decision. After all your research, you should be able to select, if not one, then a few occupations that you are confident you are interested in pursuing. If needed, complete any necessary training to reach the level of qualifications required and then, just go for it!

And remember-don’t stress too much about making a bad decision. You are making the best decision you can.

Natalia Islam

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