The event commenced with a sudden darkness blanketing the entirety of the Great Hall. A white spotlight introduced the evenings emcees. They called upon the Chairperson, Wan Heng Woon, to give a speech and present the VIP guests, Professor Andy Chau- Dean of the Engineering Faculty- and Mr Mohd Shazereen Kamaruddin- a staff represent- a token of appreciation for their presence.

The murmur among the audience rose as the first performance begun.

 The ‘’Gathering’’ started off slow and continuous. As the sound of the drums gained intensity, so did the performers. They danced around the stage with the constant beating of the drums accompanying their every move. With a final shout, the performers leaped onto their drums majestically and ended the evenings first performance.

The next performance, ‘’Souls Impact’’ started off with red lights illuminating the stage, giving it a powerful and domineering appearance. The performers gave up their bodies to the fierce and potent rhythm, flinging from left to right, like ragged dolls. The banging of the drums was climatic and passionate. It was a performance meant to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

‘’Carpe Diem’’ commenced with a single performer on stage reverently feeling his drum. The intimate and personal connection the performer felt to his drum was palpable. As more drummers joined the stage, each of them had different instruments, but the way they were able to harmonize them into a perfectly woven melody was a definite treat to the ears.

‘’Extinct’’ begun with a drummer walking towards the audience, topless to signify the rawness of the performance ahead. They screamed in agony and banged thunderously. As a finale, everyone dropped out of sight except one, who walked away from the audience this time, towards the light, to reiterate that ‘’every light goes extinct at the end’’.