On the 2 November 2019, UNMs very own Nature Club planned a trip to visit Taman Tugu to volunteer at the Free Tree Society.

The bus departed on schedule at 12pm, and we started travelling further and further away from the stresses of pending reports and presentations.

Upon arrival, everyone was given 30 minutes of free time to roam around with friends and appreciate the scenery. In addition, there were plenty of historical monuments to gawk at and even some shops set up to buy your hearts desires out.

After some light fun, we were taken up a hill in preparation for the hike we were about to embark on. The Taman Tagu Forest trail is an invigorating family hike amid the lush jungle vegetation. It can stretch up to as long as 2km and reminds us of what all we’ll be missing out on if the world truly loses all of its forests.

Following the 1 hour long strenous hike, we were greeted by two lovely ladies from the Free Tree Society, which was the real reason we travelled all the way to Taman Tagu.

They held a tree planting workshop going over topics such as soil mixing, propagation and transplanting. Following the workshop, everyone was divided into groups and put in charge of planting a seed in the nursery which would then grow up to form a tree. We also attended environmental solutions talks where we discussed about water scarcity, rain water harvesting, composting and waste reduction.

Overall, the trip was a huge success as everyone left feeling proud of what they had accomplished, and a little more aware of the crisis our planet is facing and what we as individuals can do to save it.

Written by Natalia Islam