Graduating from university can be a unique experience for many: it’s one of the biggest days of your lives and also the end of a chapter. You may feel excitement from starting a new chapter in your life, burning with curiosity and eager to navigate the real world. Conversely, you may also feel anxious and uncertain on where to start or what’s lying ahead of you. But whatever you feel, one thing is for certain: you need to take the first step and start seeking for an income source.

Many graduates struggle when searching for their first job and may jump at the first opportunity they come across but think of this before you do: your first job after your graduation might just be the most important decision you will make in your career. Whatever decision you make, your first job is an opportunity for you to learn most of the fundamentals in the workforce and shape the person you will become later in your career.

One of the things that you will learn when you enter the workforce is that it is crucial to build and maintain your relationships and establish connections with other people in the company. You may not realize the importance of it but building a mutual trust and positive relationship between you and your colleagues will give you an extra benefit in your career.

 It’s normal to be unaccustomed to professionalism and face major obstacles when you’re straight out of university, but what’s important is how you deal with your shortcomings and failures, and from that, form new habits and skills. In your first year, you will be thrown into new situations and find your problem-solving skills being tested, but as you go along with an open mind and be able to stand up every time you fall, you’ll be able to steer through future situations with strength and grace.

Just remember: you won’t always land the jackpot with your first job, and that’s okay. Life isn’t always smooth sailing but what’s important is what you can learn from those experiences and how you utilize them in the future.