As the sun slowly made its descent towards the horizon, tired students started making their way back to their rooms after a long day of coursework and presentations. However, an unexpected buzz of excitement and tension could be felt in the air. Several groups of people were huddled together, plotting and planning strategies. What could all this be you ask? It’s the annual UNM Race of course!

The race was held on the 2nd and 3rd of October. On the 2nd, 20 teams participated. Each group was given a station. Since the UNM Race is all about gaining insight into other cultures, each station represented a culture; each group had to tackle whatever was presented to them at their station and then move on to the next station to tackle that. Sounds hectic? That’s because it was!

As soon as the clock struck 6, the participants rushed to complete as many stations as they could. The fierce and raw energy of the participants was almost palpable in the already heavily saturated competitive atmosphere. This same heady combination of competitiveness carried on to the next day where the 16 qualified teams from the day before faced head to head again. This time the stations represented different cultures than the day before, so it was just as challenging as the day before.

After 2 long days of hard work, determination and learning, the 3 teams that emerged as finalists were:

1. Team C

2. Team B

3. Team D

In the end, even though this was a competition, it brought together culturally different people from a plethora of diverse backgrounds to celebrate and mingle with one another – and isn’t that what the UNM Race is all about?

Written by Natalia Islam