Enactus UNM

In Enactus UNM, we aim to create sustainable positive impact to transform the lives of others and ours through entrepreneurial action. As an international non-profit organization that brings together students, academic and business leaders, we are also committed to empowering our members and the world in hopes of instilling a heart of gold in our communities.

President: Lai Ti Falng

Email: saytl4@nottingham.edu.my 

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Ongoing Projects

Project Trash to Cash (Project T2C) is simply an endeavour by Enactus to encourage waste recycling and thus cultivating recycling habits among students. Our project is providing an initiative for students to practise recycling to create a greener environment using a cash reward system to reward them.

Project PRISM aims to explore the hidden tales of minority communities and provide them with a voice to tell them by creating a book of stories dedicated to each community. Also, providing creative writing workshops to them.

Achieved Projects

Project Mushroom Republic positively impacted the local Desa Amal Jireh community by using mushroom cultivation processes as a means towards uplifting the community through the education of entrepreneurial skills.

Project Chance provided a learning platform for consultancy and funding amongst members to be implemented in cases to improve under-performing local businesses.

Project Green Wall started with the goal of reducing carbon footprint as well as increasing environmental awareness among students and public in mind. Plants will be placed in strategic locations starting with a walkway on campus. Through this, we also hope to bring more awareness of Enactus and our goal for a more sustainable world. 

Project Renascimento aims to revive the Malacca Portuguese culture along with the Portuguese Settlement. The origin of the project name comes from the Portuguese word Renascimento which means revival. This project embraces their culture of making pickles using mango and fish, by introducing and selling their product to a larger audience.

Project Flyterlizers hopes to educate underprivileged Orang Asli families on becoming entrepreneurs while tackling Malaysia food waste management issue. Based in Sungai Lalang, Semenyih, we cultivate Black Soldier Flies (BSF) to manage food waste by turning them into high-protein alternative feed for the poultry and aquaculture industry, thereby developing a cheaper and more sustainable source of feed.

Yearly Activities

Enactus Bonding Trip
We value our talent too! Enactus Bonding Trip was meant for members to have an enjoyable weekend together. Last year, we travelled all the way to Ipoh for our 19/20 Bonding Trip!

Enactus Development Programme

Grow and explore yourself together with us! We invite speakers to deliver inspirable and fun workshops to develop members soft skills.

Enactus Flagship Event

Flagship event is a learning platform held during Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Week, in particular aims to empower youths and gives them the opportunity to integrate their knowledge with critical thinking skills towards social entrepreneurship.

Enactus Valentine’s Day

We have been spreading love around the campus every year on Valentine’s Day! We provide platform to help preparing and delivering a special Valentine’s package to their loved ones!

E-Bazaar aims to raise funds for Enactus UNM’s social projects and to provide a variety of food and beverages for UNM students. As external vendors are brought in to sell food and merchandise, we are also providing an opportunity for underprivileged local businesses to earn extra income.

Previous Activities

Boba Mou
Take a break, boba mou? Boba which is also known as Bubble Tea was there to satisfy all your boba cravings! Enactus invited some wellknown bubble tea brands to add some sweetness into our stressful uni life!

Enactus Thanksgiving
We are family and we like to spend time together. Enactus celebrated their first Thanksgiving and had a heartwarming dinner together, it was a wonderful night!

Spicy Spicy Win a Prizey
What’s more exciting than getting paid for anything?! Enactus organized this event for the students as they compete each other to finish off a bowl of spicy noodles. Such a thrilling challenge!