Engineers Without Borders

EWB UNM is a society led by a vibrant team with a vision to utilize all the knowledge we have in any field to help the society and develop sustainability for a better present and future.

Affiliated With EWB-Malaysia, we aim to bring people, ideas and passion together to create a world where everyone has access to a good lifestyle free from poverty.

President: Merna Ehab Mohamed Kamel Shehata


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Past Events and Pictures

The Nagaland Project 2017/2018

5 of our volunteers went to India to help with the construction of the Agun Ki extension in Tening, Nagaland.

Working alongside local workers to undertake the construction of the orphanage was a great opportunity for the volunteers to get some hands-on experience in applying their engineering skills, carrying tasks that required good teamwork skills and build some muscles!

Biogas 2017

Wind Turbine 2018

River Survey with EWB-Malaysia and EPIC

15 April 2018

Joining the survey team to check out the river at Batang Kali to determine if it was suitable to build a dam for the Asli villagers as they do not have water supplying to their houses. It was a fruitful experience interacting with the villagers and hiking through and up the jungle to reach the proposed site.

Welcoming Night 2019

19 April 2019

Beach Cleanup

Although we woke up at 5 am, it was worth it to help our planet with this simple action of cleaning a once at a time beautiful beach at a small village. With cooperation with Nature Club, it was an outstanding experience with a tremendous amount of trash!

Future Events

Despite the unprecedented challenges, this year shall be exceptionally fruitful as the society now needs us the most!