UNM Toastmasters Club

Interested in improving your presentation, language, leadership, and networking skills, but just don’t know how? Come join our friendly community at UNM Toastmasters Club (and no, we are not experts in making toasts as the name may suggest) to improve your spontaneity, techniques, and confidence in public speaking and leadership! Whether you are a novice or veteran speaker, there’s always something to learn and improve from our structured, creative, and fun meetings. Expand your network with us to be a part of a worldwide network of clubs (a total of 16,200 clubs in 145 countries!) in becoming a more confident speaker, communicator, and leader!

President: Lee Sheen Yee

Email: kafy6lsy@nottingham.edu.my 

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Past Events and Pictures

UNM TMC Physical Meeting

UNM TMC Virtual Meeting