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Mustafa bin Zoher

Mustafa bin Zoher

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The Welfare Network Team of SA is dedicated to provide UNM students with the best campus life possible by focusing on
welfare issues. The team is to be the point of contact by the students or any external bodies in the areas regarding welfare. We strive to understand and raise the welfare concerns of UNM students to the relevant campus services committee.





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Health & Safety


You Called, We Answered - Volume 1

In efforts to enhance your campus experience, a few meetings between the management and the Students’ Association have taken place throughout the month of October. During these meetings, we received updates about campus services and also raised a few concerns that students have individually submitted. I have attached a document that explains the welfare updates thoroughly so do have a look at it for further information.

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You Called, We Answered - Volume 2

Food for Thought?

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You Called, We Answered - Volume 3

The Students’ Association Welfare Network had a meeting with the management to discuss the current issues of the transport system. During this meeting, we have received updates on the transport services and addressed a few concerns that have been raised by the students.

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Events Team

Our events team is dedicated to provide the students of UNM with the best cultural experience through hostingdifferent cultural events throughout the academic year.

SAFAS (Student Association First Aider Squad)

SAFAS is committed in catering the medical needs of students during events organized by Clubs and Societies. To request for the services of SAFAS, click here.