Students’ Association General Elections

The General Elections for the Students Association Executive Team is being held every year in the Spring Semester.

This is one of the best ways to have your say on how your Students Association is run and an opportunity for you to represent your fellow students. If you think you have all that is needed to make a positive impact for yourself and fellow students at UNM, go ahead and run for elections and take part in the change-making process.

The Students Association Executives are required to make sure that the students’ voices are heard and that their interests are taken seriously with regards to life at UNM. The following 8 positions are available for you to run for:

  1. SA President
  2. SA Vice President
  3. Activities Officer
  4. Sports Officer
  5. Home Students Officer
  6. International Students Officer
  7. Education Officer
  8. Sustainability Officer

The timeline for the elections are as follows:

28th Jan – 14th Feb > Nominations Period (online submission)

14th Feb > Candidate Briefing

15th Feb – 1st March > Campaigning (Hustings: 25th to 28th)

1st – 5th March > Voting Period (through a unique link)

5th March > Announcement

For more information about the job scope for each of these positions and information about the procedure of applying please refer to the email that has been sent to all students by the Returning Officer of the Elections Committee, or visit our Facebook page at

However, if you do not intend to run for elections, make sure you have your say by the power of your vote by choosing the best candidates to represent you and your fellow students at UNMC.

For further enquiries feel free to contact:

Taiba Mohamedi (Student Council Vice Chairperson)


Contact number: +60 1127579787