So it’s nearly time to go back to start another university year. Summer has been great, but here’s a list of six things that you should be super excited for when you return!
Nights out
Would we even be students if this wasn’t the first thing on our list? Nothing compares to a uni night out. You get to party all night in your own home without parents hanging around, student nights are the best and you get to spend time with all your favourite people. Definitely one to look forward to!
Living in your own space
Excited to have your own space again? A room that doesn’t have to be tidy, and in which you can play music, watch TV or play video games to your heart’s content! It isn’t long now until you can experience beautiful peace and quiet instead of listening to parents complaining that you shouldn’t be having a takeaway for dinner!
Having your main purpose back
Yes, so studying is pretty hard work. It’s a stressful thing, but it’s so nice to get back to your principal purpose at this time in your life! It’s all very well lazing around or working in a shop over summer, but it’s great to get back to doing your thing!
Movie nights
How great are the nights where you and your flatmates take blankets and cushions to the living room, turn off all the lights and watch movies? Throw in some popcorn and sweets, and that’s pretty much one of the best nights at uni you can have. Whether you’re watching a scary film and making each other jump, or your go-to flat film that everyone can recite word-for-word, there’s arguably no better way to spend valuable time with your amazing housemates.
Clubs & Societies
It’s such a good feeling to be able to get back into hobbies properly that you couldn’t do at home. And it’s even better to get to see all your teammates and fellow members of your societies!
So you want to party till 3am? It’s not long until you can once again! When you’re living away at uni, you won’t have to worry about waking parents or siblings, or having to pretend that you’re sober when you’re completely sozzled! It doesn’t matter if you trip over on the landing and fall into a giggling fit, because you’re free!