Picture this; warm, welcoming smiles at the door, and behind it a symphony of different sounds that hinted at what would be experienced that night.

Upon entering the Great Hall, everyone was sorted into different groups. Names were exchanged and friendships bloomed, the happenings on stage drawing attention every so often as the performances began their soundchecks.

Finally came the much-anticipated announcement- an energetic greeting from the SA Activities Officer and the host of the night. 

Formalities out of the way, the first “icebreaker” was a game called Pickled Plum. Students would have a blank piece of paper stuck to their back, which others would then fill with their first impressions of that person. Following it was a game of charades that had everyone roaring with laughter. The ‘‘actors’’ would have to act out the answer to a list of questions. The twist? Their fellow friends would have to guess not the answer, but the question that the answer was meant for. All in all, the games did well to melt away the last of everyone’s nerves.

With laughter in the air every few minutes, the host announced the night’s first performance, courtesy of the NDC – Nottingham’s very own dance club. Eyes were alight with amazement at the skill of the dancers, a chorus of cheers punctuating different parts of their routine.

Speaking of music, the night’s final event was a performance provided by one of the campus’s most vibrant bands – the Tunnel Snakes. A heavy metal band, they performed two songs from the bands Iron Maiden and Rage Against the Machine. From unbelievable instrumentals, to a charismatic lead singer who brought the crowd up onto their feet, the Ice breaking night could not have ended on a greater note.

Written by Qaisyah Radlan.