This year’s annual Clubs and Societies Fair was held on the 2nd and 3rd of October on the first floor of the H1 Building. This highly anticipated event is a part of the Freshers Week package and rightfully so, as it opens up a world of opportunities and socializing.
“CS Fair was buzzing with freshers and returning students alike”

As with every other year, the CS Fair was buzzing with freshers and returning students alike. The booths were categorically divided into different rooms (cultural societies, sports club special interests etc.) with a sense of order as it made it easier to navigate the packed event.

You could clearly see the efforts that went into each booth as each society went above and beyond in promoting themselves via various creative means, trying their utmost best to give the students a taste of what members of a respective society would experience. Interactive games, traditional attires, musical instruments, displays, and cosplays are some of the many means by which clubs exhibited their uniqueness and attracted visitors to their booths.
These efforts were proven to be a success, as “I don’t know what to join – they all seem so fun!” was something one overheard often while squeezing through the crowd. The creativity of the promoters at the booths was complemented by the curious and engaged visitors, and this created a zestful energy that emanated throughout the fair. The 2019 CS Fair was without a doubt a great hit due to the hard work and cooperation of all the parties involved.
Written by Sangeetha Ravindran