As a commuting student, most find it dreadful when there are long breaks between classes as early as 9am and the next class is probably later in the afternoon. Sometimes, you might even contemplate on driving home and coming back for classes later. If that’s too tiring, you’d probably resort to scrolling through social media or binge-watching on YouTube/Netflix for the next few hours at The Core or the library. Instead of those, here are some things you can do as a commuting student during those free hours.

Long hours of break between classes is a perfect time to catch up on studies and assignments especially if you’ve been too exhausted the night before to do anything. Moreover, the facilities available such as the TCR and library are conducive yet resourceful, which you could refer to when in need of help in your academics. If that sounds overwhelming, you can always find the cosiest corner in both the places mentioned and take a nap! Be sure to set an alarm to wake yourself up though.

Got a car? Great! Grab all your friends and head to the nearest mall and go for a movie or even window shopping just to kill the time between classes. Even if it’s a few hours to escape the stressful atmosphere in classes, it’s always worth to spend some time with friends away from campus. Who doesn’t love a drive with good music blasting on the radio with friends for company anyway? Besides, it’s also an opportunity for you and your friends to hangout and catch up since you don’t live on campus and don’t see your on-campus living friends often.

Another activity that you can get yourself involved is volunteering to help your club or society’s booth for promoting any future events held. Most club and societies have multiple time slots for different members to help promote events at their booth to students during their free time. You might even receive a certificate of appreciation just for your small contribution and efforts towards the club and societies that you joined.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do as a commuting student during long breaks between classes! So, even though you may not live on campus like most of your peers, you should go ahead and use the opportunity by doing something productive in those hours and try not to miss out on living your best university life!

Written by Tatyana Vaishnavi.